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Sunday, May 28th, 2023

Adventure excursions

elow is a list of mini excursions and tours available in the immediate area.  Custom itineraries can be created to support community tourism projects, which might mean incorporating a homestay into your travel, or visiting a jungle lodge owned and operated by an indigenous community.  If you are interested, let us know using our reservation form.

Snorkeling in Arapo Snorkeling Trips. $17 US per person
The tropical waters of the Caribbean are an irresistible draw to water lovers; there is no better way to explore this environment than to strap on a mask and snorkel and go for a swim!

Boatride to the reefs Island Trips. $80 US per boatload
Much more than a boatride.  We visit majestic estates in the back bay that are hidden from view and provide snorkeling gear for underwater exploration of islands and beaches nearby.  An all day excursion with lunch on the islands.

Kayaking in the islands Kayak to La Picina. $35 US per person
Paddle out to the islands with your snorkeling gear to discover the world below the water also.  Great excercise and beautiful scenery await once you arrive.  Lunch available on the island during peak travel seasons.

La Sirena Waterfall La Sirena Waterfall. $50 US for groups up to 6
Enjoy a cool and refreshing day at the waterfall in a jungle setting.  Bring your wide-angle lens to take pictures of the majestic granite cliffs surrounding the river in this deep valley gorge.  Lunch and snacks are included.

Thermal hotsprings Las Aguas de Moisés. $99 US pp
Nine oasis and thermal hot springs in a new tourist complex in the center of the state.  This trip makes for a unique and relaxing overnight excursion from the coastal region.  The waters' colors are beautiful so don't forget to bring your photo gear!

River rafting Tubing the Turimiquire. $40 US pp
We drive up the Turimiquire valley in a four wheel drive vehicle to just below the reservoir where we start our decent.  The river takes us through picturesque jungle foliage on an easy level 2 rapid.  TubePro tubes and floatation vests included.

Hiking in the rainforest Hiking in Los Altos. $15 US pp
From Santa Fe we ascend the mountainous road to the cute artesian town of Los Altos.  The hiking trail takes us high into the mountains from where there are great overviews of the remote mountain forest and the Rio Neveri far below.  This is region is full of coffee plantations since the high altitude and consistent foggy sunlight make for an ideal coffee growing climate.  On the way down we can stop at swimming holes to freshen up.

NOTE:  Prices include transportation, equipment rental and guides.