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Mochima Divers • Free Diving / Snorkeling

Sunday, September 24th, 2023

Free Diving: freedom in the water

e offer trips to the islands tailored just to  freedivers with all the care and attention you'd expect from a professional dive outfitter.  After all, there is nothing quite like diving deep beneath the surface on a single breath of air leaving the rest of world and it's worries behind.

La Piscina  We take you by boat to a large expanse of water between two islands called "La Piscina" or "the pool" for it's crystal clear waters with that typical aqua blue tint that the Caribbean is famous for.  There are several types of coral to view in different depths so the scenery under the water is as fantastic as it is above.  This trip includes lunch on the nearby island of Arapito along with time at the beach for snorkeling or sun bathing.

Bajos de Caracas  For this trip we visit a flat topped pinnacle in the open ocean.  Water clarity is almost always very good here.  Many species of coral can be found at a depth of 15 meters but the average depth is only 5 meters on top.  Dolphin are a normal sight in these waters and upon occasion we have the opportunity to snorkel with them too.

About the sport of Apnea  Venezuela has been gaining attention as a major competitor in this burgeoning sport and Carlos Coste is one of it's premiere talents.   He has been one of the sports most prolific record setters for the past several years and even led Venezuela to a World Title in 2002.  Many of his records have been set here in Mochima Park at RETO EN EL ABISMO, a wonderful event he initiated and sponsors once per year.  The competition is usually in September or October so if you find yourself in our vicinity during that time of year be sure to ask around.  You never know what to expect! 

In addition to his acheivments as an athlete, Mr. Coste has been a powerful spokesman for the environment and has always taken a firm stance on good ocean ethics.  This in turn fosters respect for the ocean and helps organizations create balanced protection plans for this park and others.  Kudos for a job well done!