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Venezuela • Scuba Diving

Sunday, September 24th, 2023

Guided Diving Tours

tarting in the center of Mochima Park has the advantage of allowing for many styles of diving.  Picking which sites to frequent comes down to weather conditions, but in Mochima, any time of the year can be excellent. 

Dive the islandMochima Divers emphasises marine conservation and diver education in order to protect this fragile eco system for future generations.  Check the dates for our many special events to see if they happen to conicide with your trip.

Dive w/ pufferfishDiving in Mochima you will see: The stunning Queen Angelfish, Emerald Parrotfish, Black Grunt, Chameleon Blenny, Blackringed Goby, Spotted Scorpion fish, Striated and Ocellated Frogfish, Shortnose Batfish, Trumpetfish and too much more to list.  Dolphin are commonly seen from the boat.

Hard and soft corals aboundMany sepcies of both hard and soft coarls are found on the offshore reefs along with an almost infinite variety of tube sponges.  Macro lovers will find gorgeous photographic opportunities with little nudibranches in all the nooks and cranies.

Gear Exchange Program
For a limited time we are offering cash off your diving trip in exchange for dive equipment in excellent condition.  Send email to for further details.

Special Events

Underwater Cleanup Dives
Mochima Divers, together with Kayak Playa Cochaima organizes and sponsors a quarterly Mochima Underwater Clean Up Drive.  The dive usually occurs on the second Saturday of every third month (January, April, July, and October) between 8:00 AM and 1:00 PM, but dates may change so as to not conflict with other events.  On each Clean Up Dive, a different area of Mochima's coastal reefs or beaches is selected and any trash which has not become part of the reef is collected.

We invite and welcome any participants who want to combine vacation with doing the right thing for their reefs! Quarterly cleanups give us the opportunity to focus on the removal of new trash rather than disturbing the flora and fauna that have taken up residence in older trash.

Please RSVP or direct your questions to Mochima Divers at +(58)293.416.1402 or email .

Sea Turtle Expedition
Traveling to see a graceful sea turtle in the water or witnessing a horde of hatchlings scrambling into the sea may be among the most joyful experiences in life.  With Ocean Conservancy’s SEE Turtles, you can share in the magic up-close and personal, all while directly supporting conservation efforts.

 Refills and Equipment Rental

Air fills $5.00 per tank Fins $5.00 per day
Regulator $9.00 per day BC $9.00 per day
Mask & Snorkel $5.00 per day Full wet suit $9.00 per day
Tank $12.00 per day Belt & weights  $3.00 per day
Full dive equipment  $25.00 per day  Sea Kayak $6.00 per hour