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Mochima Divers • About Us

Wednesday, May 29th, 2024

Our Mission Statement...

ochima Divers is committed to providing econimiclly viable and sustainable tourism in Mochima park, Venezuela.  We treat guests like family because we understand that as your hosts, we are ultimately reponsible for your enjoyment during any visit.

As of this writing, our posada is the only permanent job provider for the residents of our village where the population used to make a living working personal farms and/or fishing.  Due to mismanagment of local resources, these activities have become less and less viable.  Our hope for the next few years is that on the job training from Mochima Divers will lead to a sense of econimic security for these people which in turn will allow them to plan and prepare for a better future.

The Personalities

We're an energetic family that's always loved world travel.  I'm an IT Engieer and just like most hard working people have had lots of time to think about how to solve perceived world ills.  However, it took an enormous amount of courage for me to actually leave my work in California and come down to Venezuela and see if I can make a difference.  My lovely wife Melida on the otherhand is a native of Yaguaracual, a small village within the confines of Mochima Park, and it has always been her goal to return to Venezuela and ensure her community has the skills necessary to become a part of Venezuela's future without being overrun or marginalized due to an inability to cope with new pressures.

Mochima Divers is our attempt to make a difference in this terrific world.

Un abrazo fuerte!
Carlos and Mely
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